Don’t Be That Girl

It happens all too often.  There you are, mindlessly scrolling through your news feed when all of a sudden you stumble upon That Girl.

Usually it comes as no surprise.  She is typically a repeat offender.  Who is That Girl, you ask?  She’s the girl who is constantly back and forth between heartbroken, crushed, & fed up and so in love, obsessed, & just the happiest she’s ever been.  No matter which stage she’s in, you know it.  In fact, everyone knows it because if you follow her you get the privilege of being a part of every step of the process!

Here’s my question for That Girl: if your brand new white jeans are covered in mud, are you going to wear them in public?  If the answer is no, then perhaps you could apply the same sort of restraint to your social media posting.  No one wants to read about the downfall of your relationship…especially if the downfall lasts an average of a week each time.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel for That Girl.  It is truly exhausting and unhealthy to be in a relationship that is about as stable as Kendall Jenner’s legs.  While getting out of these relationships can be difficult, it is very easy to avoid becoming That Girl.

Step 1: Don’t get involved with a mean guy
Step 2: If you must get involved with a mean guy, don’t rush to be official.  That way, you won’t feel inclined to post about it if something goes wrong.
Step 3: If you must rush to be official, and you feel inclined to post every time something goes wrong,


Step 4: Return to step 1 and try again.

Listen, ladies.  It’s really not that difficult.  Please don’t be That Girl.

If you’re going to continue to wear your white jeans covered in mud, then I’m just going to assume that you’re clinically insane.



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