An Open Letter to a Graduating Senior

Dear Senior,

For the past 12 months I have envied every aspect of your life.  I envied you as you attended tailgates in the Fall, had an 8 week break in the Winter, and pretended to be warm at day drinks this Spring.  I envied you as you slept in on weekdays and lost sleep on weekends.  I even envied you as you sat in class, pretending to take notes but in reality just browsing Twitter.

But no part of me envies the emotional roller coaster that you are about to embark on these last couple of weeks.  It is a supremely terrifying feeling knowing that life as you know it will surely and undoubtedly come to an end, and you will be thrown into the “real world” whether you have your shit together or not.  I remember the emotions like they were yesterday: pride (you’re actually graduating, despite all of the exams that you didn’t study for as much as you should have), sadness (moving home, ugh), relief (will you be able to afford to put gas in your tank for once?), fear (what the f*** am I going to do now).

As tough as this is, I encourage you to ignore these emotions for the next two weeks.  If I could go back, I would take all of these emotions and turn them into urgency.  Whether you can come to terms with it yet or not, YOU HAVE SO LITTLE TIME.  Eat at every single restaurant that only exists in your college town.  Get out of your apartment and just be outside.  Sit in the middle of campus, go for a hike, take a walk if you’re too hungover for the incline of a hike, drink on porches – literally please just go outside.  Spend time with your friends and take a million pictures.  If you don’t, what will you TBT from your cubicle at this time next year?  I can’t even verbalize every piece of advice I have for you.  A year from now, these last two weeks will be memories that you will reflect on through your group chats with your friends, or Timehop if you’re really mentally unstable (like me).

Through your pride, sadness, relief, and fear, know that you WILL be ok.  Never again will “ok” consist of a day drink followed by 12 hours of sleep, but you will find “ok” in other forms.

The real world doesn’t exist

– don’t ever let anyone make you take yourself seriously enough to believe it does.  For the next two weeks, don’t waste one second thinking about what you’ll be doing with your life, or what your version of “ok” will be.

Live every moment, and live it with urgency.  And you will be ok. I promise.


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