Vicky’s…Not About That Bass

Right around the end of every winter, girls & women start to think about facing one of the worst seasonal tasks of all: buying new bathing suits.  My dad is always telling me that I don’t need new ones every year (true), but the styles are always changing and it would be social suicide to be behind the times.  It is truly a miserable, but necessary process.

A gal pal of mine was venting to me recently about how Victoria’s Secret bathing suits just do not fit people with any sort of junk in the trunk.  In my own personal experience, if my butt doesn’t fit in something it’s a mini personal victory because well, I don’t have that problem as much as I’d like to. Talking to her, it hit me that if I have to go up a size in Vicky’s bathing suits, I can’t even imagine how it is affecting girls with a real booty.

We continued to chat about how year after year, Victoria’s Secret puts their photoshopped, emaciated models in with the cutest styles and most vibrant colors.  And as much as I hate to admit it – the quality of their stuff is (slightly) above average.  She was so frustrated when we were talking because she has lost over 10 pounds yet still had to buy a size large in the adorable must-have Vicky’s suit.  She typically wears mediums but a snug large was her only option because the style wasn’t even OFFERED in an XL.  But she bought the suit, decided to rock it on vacation with her newly slim bod, only to find that it uncomfortably dug into her sides to the point where it left painful marks.

Hey @Victoria – what do you have against a booty?!

Of course they offer the high-waisted style – that’ll take care of the big booty babes because they all must want high-waisted, right?!  Wrong.  This girl just wanted the style that is typically advertised by Victoria’s Secret, and in return she got a painful red mark on her side. I have three real problems with this.

  1. Every girl (especially this one) deserves to feel comfortable in a bathing suit that they are paying this much money for…which leads me to the next problem:
  2. WHY are these suits so expensive?! I couldn’t find an exact number – shoutout to the Vicky’s PR people for burying all of the evidence – but I did find that it costs UNDER $2 for Victoria’s Secret to produce these items.  Would it REALLY kill them to add a little extra material, or, if they really can’t do that, god forbid they make an XL?!
  3. What kind of message is this retail power-house sending to girls? I mean here we have a girl who was feelin’ and lookin’ good, ready to drop some cash on a new bathing suit only to silently be told that she is just not skinny enough. The message sounds to me like: “We only carry sizes 1, 3, &5…you could try Sears!”


    Down with Vicky’s suits – up with the BOOTY!


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