Seniors 2014: The Final Countdown

Seniors, the time has come – our final stretch of fake life before that dreaded day. While tasks such as finding the perfect dress or figuring out how to do my hair with that stupid cap can wait, there are some things that I want to make sure I do to make the most of these last few weeks in the land of cow manure and hot cheese up front.

1. Make time for the right people.

These last few weeks are about cherishing the ones that have been there through thick and thin. Those are the ones that are going to be there in the long run even if distance might separate you.  I’ve always believed that saying, “it’s better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”, or something like that…? The point is I’m going to make an effort to not have to make an effort. My homies are my homies.


There are so many amazing food places here that I have yet to try. That’s gunna have to change. No need to elaborate on that one.

3. Appreciate the schedule

The next time you’ll be able to sleep in on a Wednesday is…never. Unless Christmas is on a Wednesday. And no one sleeps in on Christmas anyway. SLEEEEEP. Same goes for going out for a couple drinks on a Sunday, little things like this we will never get back. Don’t complain about going to class. I don’t know about you, but I know that a year from now I’ll be wishing I could sit on Facebook for 50 minutes while half-listening to a professor.

4. Represent

Once May 10th comes and goes, it is no longer acceptable to wear UMass sweat-sedos.  Do it now. Do it proud. Actually, do that after graduation too.

5. Don’t stress

All that real world stuff will work itself out eventually. Stressing about it now only takes away from the precious moments we have left. 

6. Take pictures

Mems. Gotta have ’em. 

7. Keep the tears in check.

To the best of my very minimal ability. 

Above all, I’m going to try to focus on the happiness of these last few weeks and not go into panic mode. We may be leaving UMass, but UMass will never leave us.   



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