Love Hurts.

The most heartbreaking stories are those where no love was lost, no love was found, but love wasn’t a priorityIt’s these types of situations that drive people in happy relationships to end them because they’re becoming toxic.  Whether they have to do it in order to get where they’re going in life, or just because the lack of commitment has driven them to the breaking point.

The breaking point…what a scary place.

How do you know when you’ve reached it?  Well, if you’re unsure then I promise you that you definitely haven’t reached it.  When, God forbid, you reach it, you’ll know.  When conversations of the future dwindle from long-shot dreams of a family and an unrealistic mansion to nothing more than an argument…when “I love you”‘s seem to always be preceded by “I’m sorry”‘s…when your dreams and aspirations are no longer being supported 100%…you’ve reached it.

Maybe you won’t believe it at first.  Maybe you won’t even cry.  It may just feel like a pit in your stomach, an empty hole where your best friend and biggest support system used to be.  You’re now faced with the challenge of getting up, untangling yourself from them, and filling that hole.  You have a lot of options.  You could fill it with drunken nights, toasting to the asshole like Kanye would.  You could fill it with another person who may fill it temporarily but ultimately never compare.  My suggestion? Fill it with yourself.

When you act upon the breaking point, it shows that you respect yourself.  You’ve chosen to go up when this person has been slowly but surely bringing you down.  You know that you’ve got places to go in life and that you are too smart, beautiful, and worthy to be held back.  Whether you feel like it right now or not, you wouldn’t have made this decision if you weren’t confident of all of those things.

So fill the hole with the most worthy person you know- yourself.  It’s terrifying, don’t get me wrong, the thought of moving forward on your own when for so long you’ve had someone by your side.  But once you become happy and confident in yourself, your fears will be washed away. Do whatever it is that makes you truly happy.  Do whatever it is that you need to do to accomplish your dreams because while you can’t control another person and you can’t control what you might do if you try to drink it away, you can control where you’re going. You can control your expectations of others, and as a result you will control how you are treated.  Start now.  Fill the hole.

What are you waiting for?  


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