Till Death…

I read an amazing story today and feel the need to share it, and what it means to me, with all of you.  Here’s a quick summary:

Rocky Abalsamo and his family came to America from Buenos Aires in 1971.  They settled in Boston of all places, so that’s how you know they’re good stuff.  Rocky and his wife were madly in love.  You know how when we first get into relationships we celebrate absolutely every milestone?  First time meeting, first date, and of course the day you became a couple. Well apparently Rocky and his wife never got out of that exciting stage.  They shared their first kiss on September 16, 1937 and they celebrated this occasion every single year even after 55 years of marriage.  Tearing up yet?  Just wait…

Rocky’s wife Julita died in 1993.  However, he did not let this tragedy end the connection he had with the love of his life.  He has been by her side ever since, literally.  Each day, Rocky spends every waking minute sitting by Julita’s grave.  Rain, shine, snow, sleet, hail, you name it.  Many of us know how Boston weather can be…I can’t even imagine.  He wears an old beat up coat on cold days because that is the one that Julita knew best.  When asked why he spends his days in the cemetery, Rocky responded, “she is part of me, so here I am whole.”   

Rocky joined his wife in heaven last week.  He was 97. 

Even after I had wiped away the tears from reading this story, it seemed to stick with me all day.  I think there’s something we can all learn from Rocky.  His lifelong dedication to his wife should teach us to never settle. Every man and woman deserves the love that Rocky and Julita shared.  So why not find it?  Don’t settle for good when you deserve great.  Don’t settle for someone who will love you for your entire life when there are men and women out there who will love you beyond the last beat your heart has to give.  Call me a romantic, but I think this type of love is out there for everyone.  Don’t settle, don’t settle, don’t settle.

We all strive to hear those words “till death do us part”.  Rocky loved Julita beyond this.  Death tried to tear them apart and yet, it only granted them more time together.  Rocky loved Julita until death brought them together.

Don’t settle for anything less than that.


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