A Look at 2013

2013 was quite the year in the life of little old me.  I’m trying to think of one word to sum up the year but how do you combine ‘happy’, ‘exciting’, ‘sad’, ‘scary’, and ‘different’ into one word?  I guess life-changing might be the word…or is that two words?  Whatever, 2013 was life-changing. Here’s a look back at a year full of memorable moments. 

I brought in the year with Ryan and his friends who have continued to become great friends of mine this year.  I’m so thankful for all of them, they’re so so awesome.  I then continued my junior year at UMass in a big house full of 13 girls…that was wild.  But they’re great and will always be a huge part of my college experience. I’m bummed that we don’t have one picture of all of us…out of the 5 million pictures we took that year…but each and every one of you East Pleasant St. girls (and honorary guests) holds a special place in my heart.

Then came spring break.  Ah Punta Cana, so much fun.  The journey there was quite a nightmare between me fainting on the plane and then being deathly ill for the majority of that first day…I’ll definitely never forget that one.  But I got my act together and that week was AMAZING. Ryan, Connor, Morgan & I relaxed hardcore on the beach and by the pool.  And each day we had a mandatory nap because the all inclusive alcohol was a bit dangerous.  We were there for St. Patricks day so you can all imagine how that went with the two Irish boys…

This trip made Morgan & I realize how similar we are and how much we love each other and she’s now one of my best friends!  Thanks for that, boys.

I held a monkey!

…And a stray cat…in the Dominican Republic…not my best idea looking back on it.

Speaking of cats,  we also had Carlos this year.  He was basically the most epic cat ever who loved Ryan because of their mutual ginger-ness and even won over Timmy and Tommy even if they won’t admit it.  I’ll never forgive the person who ran him over and kept driving…so heartbreaking for all of us.  But Ryan still pours out a little tequila for him now and again, seeing as Carlos was somehow deemed Mexican.

I turned 21!  That night was hilarious.  My friends and family are awesome.


The day after my birthday, April 15th, sent shock waves through the country but particularly the city of Boston.  This city has such an incredible sense of pride and regardless of the intentions of those good-for-nothing terrorists, that pride increased tenfold that day.  People all over the country defined what it means to be “Boston Strong”, and countless miles were run for those who were robbed of the chance to finish the marathon that day.  The following days were filled with unity and love from all over the country.


Then came May which was super bittersweet.  Ryan and his roommates/friends had become like family to me and I was SO sad for them to graduate.  But I was extremely proud of them as well, and still am.  Although I do miss NBS terribly…everything from scary movie Sunday to them being gross smelly messy boys.  Amherst is so strange without them.


Believe it or not, life went on.  The summer was pretty awesome.  From pool days with Ryan and Teddy, to Taylor Swift with Jess (best birthday gift ever), to surprising Ryan with Countryfest tickets, to Zac Brown Band in the POURING rain with Jen and Steph, to a week in Michigan with my crazy loud wonderful family…it was definitely one to remember!


Summer flew by, as it always does.  Then it was back to school.  This time I was going back without Ryan and some of the best friends I had made there.  I was terrified.  I realize now how dumb that was though because so far this year has been great.  My roommates are my best friends and they are absolutely hysterical.  Then there’s the Hallock street girls who are amazing as well.  My friends are all so beautiful!  I seriously don’t know how there can be such a concentration of beautiful people around me but hey, it makes for good pictures. I learned a lot about myself last semester, although what I’m doing after I graduate in 5 months wasn’t one of them…


In October I lost my beloved Grammie to Alzheimers.  I HATE Alzheimers.  She was the absolute greatest woman and was taken way too young, but I know that I gained another angel and I also know that she was pullin some strings up there for this next part..

THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! This. Was. Wild.  I obviously cried my eyes out AND lost my voice.  The bars were packed but Catherine and I acted like we were the only ones there…I remember being ecstatic in ’04 and ’07, but this time just felt different.  It was absolutely unreal and emotional after all the city went through this year.  It just meant so much more than a trophy and a ring this year.

Another HUGELY positive change I made this year was joining the TEDxUMassAmherst team.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it because I had a pretty heavy work load but I took the risk and I have to say it’s in the top 5 best decisions I’ve made…ever.  The people I met became like family so quickly and I truly would have missed out if I never met them.  These are the most brilliant people I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see where their lives take them.  I can’t even begin to imagine.  There are no limits on what these minds can accomplish.
The rest was pretty much a whirlwind…Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went extremely quickly, but they were both fantastic and filled with love.  2014 is kind of crazy to think about.  In 2014 I will be a college student and I will also be a college graduate.  I will be 21 and I will also be 22 which is an entirely different ballgame.  For the first time in my life, I honestly can’t  tell you what I’ll be doing in 6 months.  That’s bizarre and terrifying and also kinda cool.  Lots of changes to wrap my head around and try my best to manage.  However, 2013 brought a lot of changes too.  It was also a TON of fun.  I already have a lot to look forward to in 2014 thanks to Ryan’s awesome Christmas gifts which will send me traveling all over New England, and one last semester in fake-life-Amherst.  So bring on 2014. Because so far my record for getting through these crazy years is 21-0.  Not too shabby.


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