Victoria’s Secret Starvation Show

It’s here! The night we look forward to, dread, or are frankly indifferent about (raised hand emoji), has arrived.  The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. So in anticipation of all of the “omg I’m not gunna eat for a week” or “going to the gym for like 5 million hours” tweets and statuses, I have a piece of advice.  Before you post something like this, do us all a favor and just don’t. Really. Don’t do it.

What’s the issue? Is it that your BMI doesn’t classify you as anorexic?  Or is it that you don’t have enough makeup to cover up every miniscule “imperfection”? Or maybe it’s that you don’t have the right self tanner to make it look like you have abs when you really have not an ounce of muscle on your body.  


Am I just bitter? Maybe…probably. But that doesn’t change anything.  It’s unrealistic to strive to be these girls who are WAY too skinny in relation to their abnormal height, and it’s pointless to put yourself down because of it.  It’s also pointless to say you’re not gunna eat because guess what? You’re just going to slow down your metabolism!  So go grab the ice cream from the freezer and take a look at these girls I’m going to show you.  If you want to better yourself and go to the gym “for like 5 million hours”, go for it!  But don’t strive to look like those skeleton girls on your TV.  (P.S., anyone can wear a push-up bra, boys…don’t be fooled!)

These girls are what you should strive for.  They are STRONG. They are BEAUTIFUL. And they are HEALTHY.  As are all of you.  These girls are my inspiration, and their bods are prettyyy angelic if ya ask me! My 2013 Angel Lineup:







Hillary & Her teammates






Don’t you think these girls look and feel better than those girls who could blow away in a strong gust of wind?  Listen, I’m no saint.  Of course I dream about looking like the models.  But what’s better- cheeseburgers, or being engaged to Adam Levine? …Ok bad example.  What’s better- being able to defend yourself, or being about as fragile as Taylor Swift trying to hold a boyfriend (Although she will be the best part of tonight’s show)?  You don’t need bones sticking out or those ridiculous (but gorgeous) wings to make you an angel.  You are all angels and you are all beautiful just how you are!  If you want to work towards something, don’t work towards fading to nothing.  Work towards building muscle and confidence.

I choose strong.  I choose healthy.  You should too.


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