6 Reasons to not trust those who have never experienced New England in the Fall

Okay. Where do I begin.

1. Easy- the foliage.  There is honestly nothing more beautiful than driving down the street each day and seeing how the trees have gotten even more beautiful than the day before.  There’s something mystical about it…like you never quite get used to the beauty even though you might have lived here your whole life.  And you never really get sick of the endless “omg, fall is my favorite” instagram pictures because you’re totally on the same page.  Wanna see what palm trees look like in the Fall?


2. Pumpkins.  By themselves, in beer, coffee, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream, pie, donuts…you name it, we’ve got it pumpkinized (not a word) in New England.  Kinda gross when you think about it but that’s besides the point.

3. Flannels.  They’re the most comfortable things ever and an easy excuse for a girl to dress like a complete slob and still look fashionable.  Sure, you can wear flannels anywhere, but right now in Florida it is 83 degrees.  In LA it is 75.  Sorry, tropical people, no one likes a sweaty flannel!

4. Football.  I know, football is everywhere during the Fall, but it’s just different here.  Anyone can go to a football game in the 80 degree weather and tailgate with their friends, but it takes a special kind of person to layer up and spend 10 bucks on a hot chocolate inside the game because it’s just plain cold once November rolls around.  Hey, they don’t call us the craziest sports fans for nothing.  Even Belichick loves fall, see?

5. Apples. Apple picking, apple pie, apple cider, apple crisp, apple CANDLES!!  Basically just everything having to do with apples and I don’t actually know if they do this in other places but I’m gunna go ahead and say it’s just better here.

6. Boots.  They’re comfortable, they’re cute, and Carrie Underwood wears them so we should too.  Yeah, we’d all love to wear flip flops year round but that would also mean we would have to keep perfect pedicures year round which would suck. And who can afford that anyways?

There really is no other place to experience Fall than New England.  So zip up those boots, throw on your flannels, and go instagram some trees.  Just be careful not to drop your pumpkin coffee in the process.



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